Monday, October 18, 2010

Madonna who?

I don't wear as many diamonds when I run, but you get the idea
OK, I'm a girl who likes her stuff.  I have to say, part of what I like about running is all the snappy accessories that go with it. In fact, the only reason I bought myself an Ipod  was to try to get myself out and moving more often. I can't believe I fell for it, or then later, that it actually worked!   I've probably logged HUNDREDS of hours on the ipod chugging away. Next, it was my first pair of $175 running shoes. When the Running Room guy saw that I had been running in Target brand sneakers that cost $14.95 and were crusted with blood on the back from repeated blisters, he asked if he could throw them out and wear the new ones right out of the store(I said yes).  I found that my shin splints and chronic foot pain vanished instantly.  Then I decided I could run better in snappy moisture wicking capris than in dirty sweatpants. I don't know if I got faster, but I felt more comfortable and less disgusting after the long runs.  Then I started buying cute Lululemon jackets and funny headbands, and laughing at "Running Shirt Jokes".  Those don't make me faster, but sometimes I just need a good laugh when I'm 30 seconds into an 8 run.  

Accessories are important too.  Today, I received my first ever Avon order.  I feel like such a grown up!  Instead of lipstick though, I bought a water bottle holder and some socks.  Happily and sadly, my old water bottle holder had grown too big and would fall off when I ran unless I tied the velcro strips around my waist instead of strapping them together.  Not cute at all, and actually pretty chafy, so my last few long runs have been thirsty affairs.  It doesn't look quite as comfy as my old one, but the price was right and it comes with a pocket for my Ipod AND my keys. My old belt had such a small pocket, I could barely fit a house key in there, and my car keys didn't fit at all, so I had to run while holding the key, argh.  This pocket looks like it would hold keys, credit card and a snack!  So long, dry mouth and leg cramps, hello hydration! I'm looking forward to giving the new one a whirl tomorrow morning!