Saturday, May 7, 2011

What wears a tiara, has two thumbs, and sucks?

Yeah, there's a plate of poutine just out of the shot
 I gotta say, since our half marathon, I've really fallen off the running wagon. In my defence, I got kicked REALLY hard during the last 10 seconds of my last indoor soccer game this season. A few x-rays and a set of crutches later, I wasn't doing any running for a few weeks. Well, at least it hadn't happened a few weeks earlier. I used that time wisely to sit around "resting" my bruised foot and eating as much poutine as I could. I also went to New Orleans, where it turns out, it's extremely easy to scarf 5000 calories a day thanks to a strict deep fried seafood diet washed down with so very many tasty Miller Lites.

Long story short, this means I gained nearly 10lbs in April and totally forgot how to run. Last week I did my first 5K in 5 weeks and it was almost like I'd never run in my life. It took me 40 minutes, not including the time I spent lying on a bench near my house trying not to vomit, and every step was like torture.

Short story long, tomorrow I'm doing the Mother's Day 10K which I am totally unprepared for, and just might kill me, since I've also had a cold all week. But it should be a good chance to get on with training...more on that later!

PS, if you're wondering WTF are the photos from the Princess Run we've been promising since, oh, March, they ARE still coming, I just don't really understand how to use Flickr.