Friday, September 24, 2010

I think this is what pain feels like?

If you've seen Dr Horrible's Sing-a-Long blog, you'd get this.
Remember how I said my 6.5K run felt good and I could have done more? I think this is a good example of why resting improves performance. I ran that 6.5K on Monday quickly (for me) and felt good during and after.  The next day, I did my usual 4K, which felt really good too, then in the evening played soccer. We were short players on the field the whole game, so I ran the whole 90 minutes.  Well, at least until the end when I was mostly shuffling around the field wheezing and clutching my sides, unable to keep up with the other team AT ALL. Did I mention it was 2C out and I was wearing mittens? The next day, my 5K was like torture. I ran slower than the day before, and had to stop to walk a couple of times.  My legs hurt, my lungs hurt, and I felt like my training had gone backwards. Did I listen to my body and maybe take a break from the schedule? No, on Thursday I plod along with the training schedule and complete another torturous 4K run that involved more walking, wheezing and trying to keep legs from falling off. It was my slowest 4K in months and I hated pretty much every second of it. For the weight training that went with it, I could only do arms because my legs hurt too much.  Now today, both upper and lower body feel like they went through a wringer. I'm supposed to cross train for 50 minutes today, and I think I might take my own advice and take it easy. I'll still do something, but I wonder if eating pizza counts as cross training?

Monday, September 20, 2010

Better late than never!

In Disney's Alice In Wonderland, the White Rabbit is well known for saying "I'm late, I'm late, for a very important date!"

That statement applied to me today when I opted NOT to do my long run on either Saturday or Sunday.  The weather was terrible, I was tired, and so on--I just didn't wanna.  That means this morning I woke up wracked with guilt over skipping it and a gut wrenching fear of not being able to complete a 10K race in 6 weeks.  I went for a run at lunchtime and did 6.5K in 43 minutes flat, and did the last kilometer 30 seconds faster than any of the first 6.   Maybe I will be able to do this 10K after all!